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We think of all patients as "our family".

Azabu General Dental Clinic

We are committed to providing our patients
with the best possible treatment
and preventive care.

Inside Aiiku Clinic

Aiiku Clinic was established in March 1934 with a grant from Emperor Showa, under the auspices of the Imperial Gift Foundation Boshi-Aiiku-Kai.

For the first time in its over 80-year history, the dental department was opened in 2018 at the Boshi-Aiiku-Kai, which is committed to the health of women and children, and aims to serve as a core community dental clinic for all, including men. Our staff are dedicated to continuously improving our services in alignment with this philosophy.

English & Chinese
Language Support

Our clinic includes dentists who are proficient in both English and Chinese.

We strive to provide clear and courteous explanations to our international patients, so please feel free to consult with our staff at any time. Our dentists and specialized staff work as a team to address various symptoms presented by our patients.

Private Rooms Available

Dental treatments often require a focus on patient privacy.

At our dental clinic, we respect the privacy of each patient and have private rooms available to ensure you can relax and receive treatment in a comfortable environment.

About Aiiku Clinic Azabu Dental Unit 愛育クリニック麻布歯科ユニットについて


The concept of Aiiku Clinic Azabu Dental Unit is to "consider all our patients as family."

We aim to build lifelong relationships that make patients of all ages feel they want to continue visiting and choose us as their preferred dental clinic in Hiroo. We strive to be the dental office where patients decide, "This is where I want to get treated."

Information 医院情報


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Aiiku Clinic Azabu Dental Unit

Address 5-6-8 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo Japan 106-8580
Tel 03-3473-8243
Access 8 minutes walk from Hiroo Sta.
Inside the hospital
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Six Reasons for Choosing Us 選ばれる6つの理由


Team Healthcare

To address the various symptoms of our patients,
our dentists and specialized staff work as a team,
and we also collaborate with external hospitals.


Minimizing Pain
in Dental Treatment

We aim to minimize pain as much as possible,
taking the time to carefully alleviate
the fear associated with dental care.


Pediatric Dentistry Inherited
from Aiiku

Our staff, experienced in Aiiku's pediatric dentistry,
carefully address the changing dental needs
of growing children,
providing necessary treatments.


Advanced Treatment
Using Precision Equipment

We are equipped with precision instruments
that allow us to examine and treat
even the smallest details within the oral cavity,
ensuring no symptom is overlooked.


European Standard

We use sterilization equipment
that meets European standards,
sterilizing all instruments before use to provide
a hygienic and safer environment.


Professional Preventive Treatment
by Dental Hygienists

Our three full-time dental hygienists offer guidance
based on their knowledge and experience,
helping to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

3 specialized Treatments3 specialized Treatments

  • Confident, healthy
    dental alignment

  • A confident, beautiful smile

  • Treatments aimed
    at restoring oral function

our patients as family
Oral health

About Aiiku Clinic in Azabu, Minatoku

Aiiku Clinic is committed to providing high-quality healthcare, aiming for the happiness and healthy growth of mothers and their children. We strive to support families through safe pregnancies, childbirth, and parenting.

Founded by a social welfare corporation, our clinic holds dear the purpose and history of its establishment, enhancing the quality of the healthcare provided and realizing our philosophy by establishing the following basic policies:

  • As a specialized perinatal care hospital, we meet societal expectations by providing high-quality healthcare.
  • We offer trusted, safe, and comfortable medical care and nursing to our patients and their families.
  • In perinatal care, we collaborate with local medical institutions to improve maternal and child health.
  • We prioritize the health and safety of our healthcare workers, valuing their motivation to work.
  • We aim for sound management.

We are committed to supporting the health and happiness of all our patients with our utmost effort.


Orthodontic Treatment for a Confident,
Healthy Smile

Orthodontic Treatment

We provide orthodontic treatments conducted by specialists at our comprehensive dental facility.

For every individual smile, we propose all possible solutions. Our clinic treats all patients as family, and all staff share this mindset as they provide care.

Orthodontic treatment isn't just about straightening teeth; it involves guiding the oral environment to its optimal state and addressing any other issues such as cavities or gum disease during treatment. We can flexibly address these without needing to refer you elsewhere, allowing you to focus solely on achieving a perfect alignment.

Many patients realize after starting treatment how crucial a healthy oral environment is to their overall treatment process.

Orthodontic Treatment

Cosmetic Dental Treatment
for a Confident, Beautiful Smile

Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry not only ensures healthy teeth but also enhances their appearance through orthodontics, whitening, and ceramic treatments, creating beautiful, healthy teeth, gums, and smiles.

Cosmetic dental treatments not only improve appearance but also enhance functionality, improving each individual's quality of life (QOL). Ceramic treatments can correct discolorations from birth, old restorations, amalgam fillings, and misalignments, creating naturally beautiful teeth with ceramics.

Ceramics blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, are durable without discoloration or degradation, and are less prone to staining and reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease. They are also metal-free, eliminating concerns about allergies and other health issues.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Treatment for Restoring Oral Function:
Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Our clinic is equipped with advanced technology for safe and effective implant treatments, including in-house CT scanners.

We use high-quality implants from both domestic and international sources. Among these, we have chosen to use Straumann implants (Swiss-made) and GC implants (made in Japan), which have a long track record of success.

Our experienced practitioners perform implant surgeries, having gained extensive experience during university, their time as practicing doctors, and throughout their current practices.

Dental Implants

Do You Have
Any of These
Oral Health Concerns?

  • Concerned about misaligned teeth

  • Want to whiten your teeth

  • Experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity

  • Worried about your child's dental health

  • Missing teeth

  • Concerned about bad breath

  • Dentures don't fit well

  • Chipped tooth

  • Concerned about silver fillings

  • Worried about wisdom teeth

  • Bleeding gums


Greetings ごあいさつ

We are pleased to announce that a dental department, "Aiiku Clinic Azabu Dental Unit," has been newly established at Aiiku Clinic (formerly Aiiku Hospital).

Located conveniently near Hiroo Station, Aiiku Clinic Azabu Dental Unit has been opened as a comprehensive dental facility dedicated to providing appropriate prevention and treatment.

As a comprehensive dental clinic, our staff is committed to promoting the importance of oral care to society at large.

The Significance of Having
a Dental Department at Aiiku Clinic

Aiiku Clinic is located a 7-minute walk from Hiroo Station and was established in March 1934
by the Imperial Gift Foundation Maternal and Child Health Association with a grant from Emperor Showa.

For the first time in its over 80-year history, a dental department was inaugurated in 2018.

Following the philosophy of the Maternal and Child Health Association,
which focuses on women and children but serves everyone,
we aim to be the core dental facility in our community and will continue to strive for excellence in our services.


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tel. 03-3473-8243
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Saturday 9:00-18:00
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